Friday, 10 December 2010

Music Video

This is the final version of my music video. Overall I am very happy with the final outcome and feel that I have come a long way since the rough cut and used the feedback given to me to ultimately produce a highly successful video.

Thank You and Goodbye!

Dear Examiner,

Thank you very much for looking at my work and I hope you enjoy it.

Vinuri :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Evaluation - Activity Four

Evaluation - Activity Three

Q3.) What have I learnt from audience feedback?

Feedback from pitch:

From our initial pitch when we presented as a group, the overall feedback that we got was positive.

We also got asked many questions which we thought about and considered when thinking about our video. I chose to encorporate the constructive comments as I felt this would benefit me and lead me to producing a video of better quality. There were other aspects of the pitch and inital planning stages that I would have liked to add into my video but didn't have the chance to. An example of this is where we wanted to have a circling effect on the camera on the final studio shot but this was not possible due the restrictions with space in the studio.

Feedback on rough cut:

I got plenty of good comments as well as many constructive comments on how to improve.

I found the opportunity given to us to screen our music videos highly useful. It allowed me to reach out to my target audience and to a wider audience too in order for me to get their opinions to better my video to their taste.

Feedback on Final Video:

The first comments on my final video were given to me by my peers through a screening. I also posted my video on Youtube to open it up to a wider audience and allow for feedback that way too.

Feedback on ancillary tasks:

Evaluation - Activity Two

Evaluation - Activity One

Evaluation Activity 1

Thursday, 25 November 2010

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